Fibre Magic is just 20 minutes north of Canberra. We raise alpacas & llamas and produce our own quality fibre which is for sale as: raw, carded, commercially spun, hand spun, and is available in many natural & hand dyed colours. We are a distributor for Ertoel products including the Roberta electronic spinning wheel. We run felting & dying workshops and spinning classes (using our Roberta wheels). Fibre Magic is the fibre craft division of our farm (called Alpaca Magic and our Alpaca & Llama studs).

Fibre Magic is now on Facebook, incorporated under "Alpaca Magic". Check out our latest posts about upcoming workshops, specials, and other info.

Hand spun alpaca & llama, natural & hand dyed, spun by beginners with the Roberta electronic spinner

About the Roberta Electronic Spinning Machine

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Originally designed in the 1970’s for people with disabilities, the Roberta has become popular with home spinners who have discovered its many advantages and its versatility:

Now there is no need to treadle!!!

  • Beginners often find it difficult to co-ordinate the treadle action with their feet, whilst feeding the fibre into the spinner with their hands. There is now no need to master the treadle action – the Roberta does this for you!

  • For the experienced spinner, the Roberta effortlessly spins up to 3 times faster, and plies around 6 times faster.

  • It is perfect for travelling, camping, caravanning where mains power is available.  Where mains power is not available, the dual powered model also runs off 12 volt power:  It will run from the car cigarette lighter, a rechargeable carry pack, jump start pack or a small solar panel

  • The Roberta is light weight (around 5 kgs), compact & portable

  • The Roberta runs almost silently

  • It uses less energy when spinning than does a 60 watt light bulb.

  • The Roberta motor is guaranteed for 10 years

  • The Roberta is crafted to the highest professional standard; and is attractive and long lasting

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