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Spinning alpaca/llama fibre is easy with the conventional wheel or the Roberta

Fibre Magic is part of Alpaca Magic, an Alpaca & Llama stud, producing beautiful fleece.

Many years ago we were constantly told “you can’t spin (or felt) Alpaca or Llama fleece”.

Not only is this incorrect, but Alpaca & Llama are quite easy to spin, felt & dye, and the results are quite spectacular.

Rather than trying to persuade traditional crafts-people how wonderful Alpaca & Llama fibre is for spinning and felting, we decided instead to set up workshops using predominately alpaca & llama fleece.  Students were amazed how easy alpaca & llama is to use, and were delighted with the items they produced in their classes.

Llama Alabaster showing off a hand felted necklace

Llama Mahogany wearing hand felted flowers

Alpaca Fleece verses Sheep Fleece

  • Alpaca’s thermal quality widely surpasses (sheep) wool and is also better than mohair and cashmere.  It is both warmer and lighter weight than sheep (wool).  Alpaca fibres contains microscopic air pockets and in addition, extra pockets of air are created when it is spun, so items are warmer for equal weight (of sheep wool) 

  • Alpaca is stronger than (sheep) wool and resists pilling

  • Quality Alpaca has natural crimp, and is a naturally elastic yarn, with superior “memory” and resilience making it perfect for knits. 

  • Alpaca is soft, silky and luxurious as well as durable

  • Quality alpaca is not prickly or itchy.  As with all fleece producing animals, quality varies from animal to animal, and some alpacas produce fibre which is less than ideal, so it is worth the trouble to use quality alpaca fibre.

  • Alpaca has over 22 rich natural colours including blue-black, browns, fawns, greys and white – so there is no need to dye alpaca – but should you wish to, alpaca dyes well.

  • Alpaca has no lanolin which makes it hypoallergenic

  • Alpaca shrinkage is less than wool (it is easily washed)

  • Alpaca will stay cleaner longer because it is lanolin free and doesn't hold dust

  • Alpaca is water repellent, and retains it’s thermal properties even when wet

  • Alpaca fibre is non flammable.

  • Alpaca resists solar radiation effectively

Alpaca is a truly a “Green” Textile

  • Alpacas, having soft feet, much like Australia’s native animals, are easy on the environment, don’t compact our fragile soils as do hoofed livestock. 

  • Chemical use in alpaca husbandry is much less than sheep, as alpacas tend not to suffer from sheep problems, like flystrike, lice, footrot, pizzle rot etc.

  • Alpaca farming is ethical – not requiring the unkind practice of mulesing, still common in sheep farming

Commercial and hand carded alpaca fleece, in natural and hand dyed colours

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