Fibre Magic - Distributor of Ertoel Roberta Electronic Spinning Wheels


Llama Alabaster showing off a hand felted necklace

Fibre Magic is part of Alpaca Magic which is an Alpaca & Llama stud just 20 minutes north of Canberra. Alpaca Magic is 250 acres of prime rural land set in picturesque rolling hills, providing a tranquil and relaxing get-away from the city’s everyday grind and bustle.

Fibre Magic runs a variety of fibre craft workshops – including felting, spinning & dyeing, knitting and crocheting classes.

Fibre Magic is a distributor for the Roberta electronic spinning machine and other Ertoel products.

Fibre Magic processes some of its fibre commercially. This becomes either carded bumps ready for felting and spinning or yarn ready for knitting – all in natural colours.

Fibre Magic also hand processes much of its farm grown fleece. Hand crafted fibre includes multi coloured carded fibre ready to felt or spin and also hand dyed fibre.

Spinning alpaca/llama fibre is easy with the conventional wheel or the Roberta

Glynda Bluhm, Proprietor of Fibre Magic & Alpaca Magic

Glynda Bluhm has a keen interest in promoting and handcrafting alpaca & llama fibre.  She hosts many fibre craft workshops.

She is a full-time farmer, allowing ample care and attention to the livestock at Alpaca Magic, whether owned or agisted (boarded). She has a sound knowledge of animal husbandry and management procedures including training and alternate therapies.

Hand spun alpaca & llama, natural & hand dyed, spun by beginners with the Roberta electronic spinner

Glynda is a life coach specialising in coaching clients about country living. She also offers her services as a Consultant regarding hobby farming and farms.

She is a soprano soloist having competed successfully in many vocal competitions. She performs at weddings and other functions and has produced 4 audio cassettes.

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